Melophile [melo + phile] - (n.) One who loves music.


Am7 Apothecary pairs aromatic candles with curated playlists. We also complement our selection of candles with other products that can create ambiance for music lovers. What can we say, we have a heart for melophiles.

Creating a flow of music from mainstream and independent artists from around the world is an intentional effort in declaring that we are united through music, regardless of location and language.

In keeping access to "the vibes" exclusively for our chandlery's customers, we hope that you enjoy our candles! 

Am7 Apothecary, company name, written in Abhaya Libre Regular font family and gold tone.

 Am7 Apothecary is a Black female owned business. Other minority-owned businesses are subject to promotion on this website, our social media account, and emailed newsletters. Our chandler is an educator, music commentator, and music producer. #BlackLivesMatter