The Satisfaction of Aromas and Music

Between 2009 and 2010, a group of researchers in Australia from Monash University and Bond University revealed evidence that, "the arousal induced by music and aroma results in increased pleasure levels, which in turn positively influences... behaviors." For some of us, scientific research was never needed to tell us what we already felt and knew.

If the smell of food being cooked can send you back in time to a loved one's kitchen when you were a child, then a song not heard in years can transport you just the same. Both are so eternal and often times intermingled. Think of the smells of food circling through the air of an outdoor gathering and the music playing. Think of that one scene from that one film or television show you love and how the background music enhanced the scene. Hand in hand, the two reach right into your soul.

That's the real creativity of Melophile Candles similar competitors -- we aren't food services business but we've set out to create that same emotional experience. At its core a candle is simply a wick embedded in wax that can be ignited. However, candles can be celebratory, relaxing, and even sexy. Much the same, so too are aromas. Why do you think so many candles smell like foods?!

As Melophile Candles rolls out its private curated playlists, I hope that you find true enjoyment in welcoming old memories and new ones, too. Each playlist is playfully paired by myself and other bonafide music lovers within my circle, and perfectly played by you.

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