Glass Candle Container Care

You know the general rule (don't drop it!) about glass candle containers. Now, let's clue you into some other important things about your candles.

  • First, always handle your candle with care. Avoid glass-to-glass contact to prevent cracks and never use the candle if its container is cracked, chipped or scratched
  • Never allow the wick's flame to touch the jar, as it can cause cracks, breaks, and/or become too hot to the touch
  • You can minimize wax residue on the sides of the jar by following the burn time suggested for your specific candle
  • Discontinue use when 1/2" of wax remains to prevent potential heat damage to countertops and other surfaces

Finally, never attempt to refill the wax. If you simply can't resist your favorite fragrance after the candle's finished, Melophile Candles will refill our 16 oz. glass candles at a discount!

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